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  • The impact of the global pandemic
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       Foshan Langtai Building Materials is a director of the China Building Materials Industry Association. In this global pandemic moment, we respond to the call of the industry association, actively reflect the current difficulties encountered by the building materials industry, and make suggestions and suggestions. The following is our full text.

    The impact of the global pandemic 


    Brief introduction of the company:

    Foshan Langtai mainly produces aluminum ceilings, with a registered capital of 20 million and an annual output value of over 50 million. The company's production base is located in Guanyao Qifu Industrial Park, Nanhai District, Foshan City, covering an area of about 20,000 square meters. There are more than 120 advanced technology, management, business elite and production teams. Longtai Building Materials has always attached importance to overseas markets. The company headquarters has actively explored foreign markets, has participated in various domestic and foreign exhibitions, and established sales grids with customers around the world. We have also established distribution centers overseas, and external sales have been steadily increasing.


    The impact of the epidemic on Langtai Building Materials:

       At the end of 2019, before the outbreak, we focused on strengthening the budget for overseas promotion. The sudden epidemic has a great impact on our export. All countries in the world have an epidemic, and the local economic growth rate has dropped significantly, affecting the sales of building materials. The situation is as follows:

    1. The old customer cancels the existing order or tells our company to extend it indefinitely. The backlog of inventory puts a certain pressure on our capital turnover.

    2. The plan for new customers to visit our company has been cancelled, and it is impossible to inspect the goods and visit our factory.

    3. The number of online customer consultations by various channels has decreased significantly compared to last year, and the number of orders received in the future will also decrease accordingly.

    4. At the end of 2019, the "Lantai Large Board" series of products independently developed by Lanthai Building Materials is a key development project of our company in 2020. Buyers of domestic market and overseas are optimistic about this because of its flexible combination of multiple specifications The future prospects of the product. Affected by the epidemic, it has seriously affected our sales plan.


    policy suggestion:

        1. For R & D new technologies, new product companies provide funding support, enterprises can provide corresponding cost subsidies for patent products, especially to increase support for high-tech enterprises.

        2. In order to improve the production efficiency of enterprises and encourage enterprises to upgrade and improve the competitiveness of products, the new production machinery and equipment purchased by enterprises will be given certain financial support.

      3. Encourage consumption and issue consumption coupons for the building materials industry. Consumers who purchase building materials products can receive subsidies using consumer coupons, thereby promoting the internal circulation and recovery of the building materials industry.


    Recommendations for foreign trade sales:

        1. In terms of import and export tariff policies, the government can appropriately adjust the tax rebate rate. At this difficult stage, better policies are used to encourage enterprises to import and export and increase their confidence in imports and exports.

        2. Promote the internationalization of the renminbi and enhance the international status of the renminbi, while also making foreign companies more convinced of the quality of Chinese manufacturing.

         3. We hope that the building materials industry can strengthen publicity in all countries, enhance the overall influence of Chinese building materials products, and expand outward in the form of groups.



                                             Foshan Langtai Building Material Co., Ltd. 

                                             April 15, 2020








    1. 旧客户取消已有订单或告诉我司无限延期,积压的库存对我们的资金周转造成一定的压力。

    2. 新客户到访我司的计划全部取消,无法验货和参观我们工厂。

    3. 各种途径的网上客户咨询量对比去年明显下降,未来接单量也会相应下降。

    4. 2019年底,由朗泰建材自主研发的“朗泰大板”系列产品,是我司2020年的重点发展项目,由于其多种规格的灵活搭配方式,海内外买家都很看好这款产品的未来前景。受疫情影响,严重影响我们的销售计划。



    1. 对于研发新技术,新产品企业对供资金支持,企业申报专利产品可以提供相应的费用补贴,尤其是要加大对高新企业的扶持力度。

    2. 为提高企业生产效率,鼓励企业升级改造提升产品竞争力,企业购入的新型生产机器设备给予一定的资金支持。

    3. 鼓励消费,发行建材行业消费券。消费者凡购买建材产品,使用消费券可获补贴,从而促进建材行业的内循环和复苏。



    1. 在进出口关税政策上,政府能够适当的调整退税率,在这个艰难的阶段,用更好的政策去鼓励企业进出口,增加企业对进出口的信心。

    2. 促进人民币国际化,提升人民币在国际上的地位,同时也让外企对中国制造的质量更加坚信不疑。

    3. 亚洲地区的防疫措施相对其他地方做得更严格,估计亚洲经济会更快恢复。我们希望建材行业可以加强在亚洲各国的宣传,提升中国建材产品的整体影响力,以组团的形式,一起向外拓展。


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