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  • Aluminum VS Gypsum Ceiling
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      A Integrated ceiling is suspended from the main ceiling. The suspension is fixed to the walls, roof or beams of the superstructure. In simpler words, a false ceiling is a second ceiling that can bring in extra features to enhance aesthetics and ease out some functional aspects too.


      What are the Materials used for integrated ceilings ?

      Integrated ceiling materials come in several varieties, but the latest to attract ones attention are the Aluminum ceilings. A look at the difference between stretch ceilings andgypsum Ceiling.


    Difference between Stretch Ceilings and Gypsum Ceilings


    Lightweight :

    Aluminum ceiling It is a lightweight membrane due to the membrane made of PVC calendered membrane and it is easy and clean to install. Preparatory work is simple and fitting is in few hours. No dirt or smell and no need to move any furniture. It does not require any substructure or metal hanging systems to suspend the ceiling.


    Gypsum CeilingGypsum is a common mineral found in sedimentary rocks on every continent and used as plasterboard to create false ceilings to cover drywall and partitions. In which aluminum or steel panels are used to lay on a visible steel grid with T-sections or cross sections. These metal sheets can be stretched into various shapes and hanged from the ceiling.


    Maintenance Free:


    Aluminum ceilingIt is virtually maintenance free for instance it doesn't require painting and it is easy to clean with any ordinary cleaners. It is flexible against any sudden impacts or disturbances. According to European standards aluminum ceiling is lightweight and air pressure is balanced above and below the stretch ceiling to achieve stability. It can be remove without any damage to the membrane and it can re install to the same position.


    Gypsum CeilingTwo types of ceiling are used based on the requirements, If the client needs seamless gypsum ceiling. It can create a continuous surface with size of 1.83 mt x 1.22 mt and main disadvantage with this ceiling is not able to open once it is installed. It can get damage in case of removal of ceiling.

    The next one is Lay-in tiles ceiling which comes with T-grid ceiling system in size of 600 mm x 600 mm. It can be removed without any damage and can be reinstalled.


    Hygienic and Washable:

    Stretch ceilingIt is available in antibacterial and antifungal treated finish and used in laboratories, Medical and Dental centers, swimming pools and spas. It is a waterproof material, so it is moisture free and it can be used in bathrooms and sanitary services.


    Gypsum ceiling It is affected by moisture and it can get damage with water leakages and it normally not replaceable. It can create fungus and it is not recommended to places where water can be leaked and bathrooms and sanitary services.


    Acoustical purpose:

    Stretch ceilingStretch ceiling can make into acoustics for 1 Sq m it can get 250,000 Micro-perforated holes and it can act as a best acoustical purpose it comes with the certificate from the company. Check the website for more details (Newmat India or newmat uk ltd depends on where you are  uploading).


    Gypsum ceilingIt does not absorb sound very well, so other types of material may be preferable if soundproofing is a concern.


    Highlights Of Stretch Ceilings


    Pre-finished, quick and clean to install




    Maintenance Free


    Hygienic and washable


    Non Toxic & Cadmium Free


    Impermeable to moisture


    Non-flammable, Fire resistant


    100% Recyclable


    Maintenance free


    Can hide imperfections of ceilings & walls




    Possibility of adding lighting points, air vents, detectors, etc


    Excellent light reflection


    Excellent Acoustic properties and comfort


    Practical and Durable

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