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  • Mumbai ACE Tech 2018
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     "Ourceiling"- Foshan langtai building materials Co., Ltd, the leader of ceiling industry. In November 2018, we arrived in Mumbai, the largest city of India, to participate the ACE Tech 2018 Mumbai exhibition.


     This is an unprecedented exhibition, with more than 600 exhibitors, gathered famous brands all over the word. It is the most professional building materials exhibition in Asia.



      Langtai ceiling, with its 20 years of technology and experience in the ceiling industry, has shown the latest products and application technology of integrated ceiling to the customers. Incomparableamazing is the customer evaluation of our products. Meticulous textures and chic combination, the customer stop to appreciate and consult. 


     India's economy is booming, and there is a great demand for the products of construction and building materials. Langtai integrated ceiling seized this opportunity to know the Indian market and let India know "Ourceiling".


      Langtai integrated ceiling has been favored by overseas markets due to its first appearance at the ACE exhibition in India. We will continue our efforts to provide high-quality products to more consumers around the world , which is the tenet ofLangtai all the time. Therefore, we will also strive to create products more be suited to them, in term of demands of the local Indian market on the technology and appearance of integrated ceiling.


      The cornerstone of our company is costumers choice and trust. We are on the road to do  characteristic product. In the future, we will continue to expand the world market, show the charm of Chinese brands, let the world know China, let the world knowLangtai integrated ceiling.



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